Tribute to Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum


The Sikorski Museum
The Sikorski Museum is located in Princes Gate in London and is a museum that was created by Polish exiles living in London who didn’t want to go back to Poland after World War Two, as it was now under Russian control.

The Sikorski Museum contain thousands and thousands of artefacts from the war, and has recently undergone a renovation which has seen all the labels and signage printed in English as well as Polish for the first time ever.

The museum is only open for two hours a day during the week (except for Mondays), between two and four in the afternoon, but is well worth a visit, especially for those interested in the Polish contribution to World War Two. Those who are unable to visit in the week can visit on the first Saturday of each month when the museum is open between ten and four.

For information in museum opening hours you can call the museum on 0207 589 9249, or visit this webpage for a map of where the museum is based: Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London

Polish 'Brothers in Arms' exhibit at RAF Museum
The exhibition, whuch opened on Wednesday, comprises of a multi-media show comprised of drawings, archive film footage and sculpture. 



This is a information site on Sikorski Museum. For more information about them visit official Sikorski Museum website.